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PlayStation 5 Slim teardown shows what’s new on the redesigned console

The PlayStation 5 has recently been updated with a new design, commonly called the “Slim” version. This new version is smaller and lighter, and is gradually replacing the original version. The external differences between the new and older models are pretty obvious. However, it’s unclear what has changed on the inside. That’s where enthusiasts come in.

Two well-known tech reviewers, Dave2D and LinusTechTips, have already managed to get their hands on the new PS5 console and wasted no time taking it apart to inspect the differences in design. They highlighted some of the changes, such as the move from a two-panel cover design to a quad-panel and how easy it is to remove the disc drive.

The new PS5 Slim design features five heat pipes and a smaller baseplate than its predecessor. In comparison, the first PS5 model had four heat pipes and a larger baseplate. Sony’s engineers have worked hard to fit as much heatsink around the fan as possible, resulting in a change to a 19-blade design. The Slim version is said to be slightly quieter, but it generates more noise from the direction where the disc drive is located.

Despite the design changes, the updated PS5 console uses the same processor as the older model. This explains why there was no change in power consumption between both systems. The new version of the PlayStation 5 is expected to hit the market soon.