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Persona 5 series has sold 10 million copies

While the Persona series was a historically a relatively popular JRPG franchise, the 2017 release of Persona 5 put ATLUS on the map in a whole new way. Though the studio has been taking its sweet time with the inevitable Persona 6, the most recent entry has become a successful sub-franchise in its own right – with P5 Selling 10 million copies across its games.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Japanese Persona account shared this latest milestone, saying (as translated by Google) “#P5 series exceeds 10 million copies sold worldwide. To commemorate the big record, a thank you illustration by character designer Shigenori Soejima has also been released! We will continue to look forward to your continued support!”

On its own, Persona 5 (and Royal) has sold 7.2 million copies (as of April 2023), making it by far the best-selling entry in the series. As mentioned though, Persona 5 has had a few spin-offs released since 2017, and while none of them have sold anywhere nearly as many copies as the original, seeing Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight; Strikers and Tactica all help push P5 past 10 million copies is certainly worth celebrating – and makes the notion of selling 5 million copies of Persona 6 in its first year much more likely.