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New Game+ comes to Spider-Man 2 early next year

Back in September – ahead of the game’s launch – Insomniac Games shared a bunch of details surrounding the many accessibility options available within Spider-Man 2. At the time, the team revealed that not all features would be available at launch. Now, we know when these are arriving – and what else they will bring besides the new accessibility options.

Releasing a statement to Twitter, the team at Insomniac Games said “Hey Web-Heads, 

We have some news about the next game update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We know players have been eagerly awaiting features such as New Game+ and Audio Descriptions, among many more. We have been working vigilantly on these features and require more testing to ensure the quality is up to our standards.”

Prior to launch, the team stated that these features would be arriving some time in the month of December. Unfortunately for some, this has been pushed back slightly, with the team continuing:

“We are now targeting Early 2024 for the next game update, and we’ll have a feature-complete list closer to its release. We’ve heard your feedback and will be adding some highly requested features, including the ability to change the time of day, swap tendril colors, and replay missions — just to name a few!”

While it is a shame to see that the patch won’t arrive in time for Christmas, the update seems to be including much more than was initially promised – so hopefully it’ll be worth the extra wait.