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Insomniac Games hit by Ransomware

Sony recently suffered a Ransomware attack but it looks like hackers have been targeting smaller companies under its umbrella as well. This week, it has been reported that Insomniac Games were hit by Ransomware this year, leading to the theft of information, including personal employee information, as well as details on the studio’s upcoming games, like Marvel’s Wolverine. 

We won’t be sharing the specific Wolverine leaks here but a couple of screenshots from the game were included in a collage of images meant to serve as proof that the attackers hacked Insomniac’s systems in order to get them to pay the ransom.

Insomniac Games has not yet commented on the cyber attack or the leak, but the ransomware group, Rhysida, claims to have all the files and is threatening to leak them if a ransom is not paid by next week.

If the ransom isn’t paid, the leaked documents will be put up for auction. As reported by Cyber Daily, the auction will start at 50 Bitcoins, which is worth just over $2 million USD.