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COD Zombies veteran Jason Blundell joins PlayStation

Jason Blundell is a well known name within the Call of Duty community. His reign as the head of COD Zombies at Treyarch had him oversee some of the series’ most successful entries. After departing the studio, Blundell founded Deviation Games. Unfortunately, he would leave late last year, with no plan for what was next. Now, he appears to be working at PlayStation.

Known streamer and game developer (who previously worked at Deviation Games) JCbackfire recently revealed that he has joined PlayStation Studios, saying “JOB UPDATE! I’ve been wanting to say this for a while, but now I finally can! I’m a Junior Game Designer @PlayStation Studios.”

In a surprise revelation, JC concluded by saying “And I work for Jason Blundell”. This comes as a surprise for many reasons, but especially due to the circumstances surrounding Blundell’s departure from Deviation Games.

For the uninitiated, the initial announcement of Deviation Games was partnered with the reveal that they were working with PlayStation on a brand new IP. Developmental issues arose and Jason Blundell – among others – left the studio. It is therefore surprising to see that not only is Jason working with PlayStation once again, but for PlayStation.

Little else is known about Blundell’s position and so we will have to wait for more official news from the man himself. That said, with Microsoft now owning Call of Duty it would not be surprising to see Sony gearing up for their own original FPS. We will have to wait and see.