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Black Myth: Wukong gets full release date

The debut trailer for Black Myth: Wukong took many by surprise when it was released back in early 2020, showing off what looked to be a highly-stylised and polished action-RPG from a previously unknown studio. Since then the team has continued to work diligently on the title, and following the announcement earlier this year that the game is planned to launch in 2024, the team have now given a concrete release date,

Announced during The Game Awards, the title’s developers ‘Game Science’ released a story-focused trailer which concluded with the reveal that Black Myth: Wukong will be launching officially on the 20th of August 2024.

As mentioned, when it was first revealed more than 3 years ago, Black Myth: Wukong caught the eyes of a great deal of players thanks to its high production value, excellent-looking gameplay and generation-leading graphics.

Of course, we have seen a whole bunch of beautiful titles in the interim years, and so it will be interesting to see what fans ultimately think of the game when Black Myth: Wukong arrives in August 2024.