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All first-party PlayStation games’ sales data leaked

Yesterday we reported on what is likely one of the worst cases of ransomware we’ve had in the games industry, with almost 2 terabytes of data being extracted from the company. As part of this, a full list of sales data for all PS4 and PS5 era first-party titles have been released – showing a great deal of interesting figures.

As shared by ResetEra user ‘Lant_War’ a full breakdown of Sony’s first party PlayStation titles has leaked online, showing lifetime sales stats for titles going as far back as the PS4’s launch (and up to early 2022) – and even offering a breakdown on sales by region.

The full chart can be found HERE, but some of the more interesting revelations include the fact that the much-loved Bloodborne has sold an impressive 7.6 million units (as of early 2022). This is notable as due to the way in which Sony reports numbers (aka arbitrarily) we never got any concrete data for the performance of Bloodborne – meaning prior official figures had the game at just 2 million copies sold.

Other notable and surprising successes can be seen with the likes of the Uncharted Collection. Though a relatively basic remastering job of the first 3 PS3 titles, the collection managed to sell 9.98 million copies – likely making it one of the best-selling remasters for Sony (aside from The Last of Us on PS4).

Finally, in looking at the regional breakdown of sales, it is interesting to see that 96% of all sales for MLB The Show come from the US, with just 2% of sales taking place in Europe and another 2% in Asia. Of course, Baseball is an American sport, but the sheer dominance of its sales in the US is amusing to see.

This is but a small taste of all the many details revealed by these leaks. The full graph can be found HERE.